• The same salesman keeps calling me and asking if I would like to be the Premium Broker in my zip code area,,,,I am like,,,geez,,get a clue! Can they even see that I used to be a member??? DUH!!! That should tell you about how this company operates....I really would like to reach out the millions of agents whom have been duped by this company and start a class action lawsuit to demand retribution,,,I am that serious!!

  • I use Market Leader for seller leads.  I did good earlier this year with the leads but since I rejoined in June the leads have not been very good.  I have 2 more months and will probably drop them again.

    • Not worth the money,,I used them for a year,,,all the leads were crap...I actually think they pay people to just go on your site so it seems like your getting leads,,,wrong contact info,,bad phone numbers, bad emails,,no replies,,TOTAL waste of time and money.

      • That is what I am seeing 2. I have tried to get out of my contract, but they won't let me.

  • OMG!!! Don't get me started....What a ripoff,,,if you like giving money away for nothing,,,,give it to me.

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