• I listed and sold an LRC property in 2014. They weren't bad to deal with.

  • I had an assignment with them that never got listed. I sent it back after 4 BPOs (free) 8+ months of weekly property checks (free of course), utilites (they did reimburse) and they wanted me to pay $199 for their training after 7 months.
    I would count your blessings to be able to avoid them. They might be "legit" and not technically 'rip you off' but being abused is not fun either!

    They acquired Keylink and brought along some of the key management from the wreckage.

    I am not bashing, just stating facts. We agreed to kindly put each other on our respective 'DoNotUse' lists.

    • They  are" for real" however long hours for low or no pay.  They are not on my DNU use list yet but I won't pay $199 either. Show me some love first and we can talk about a $199 course.

  • I would consider taking it. CECE is right about not putting up with bad management companies.

    Also, I've been trying to get in with them for about a year now and their new agent application is closed. Doing good quality work for them might help get you on to their vendor panel... which could turn in to more than just a $30 down the road.

  • It is always helpful to do a web search before starting a discussion about a particular company and discuss what you found along with what the company is asking you to do. 

  • Any company that uses Resnet is legit or Resnet would get rid of them. I have listed for LRC with minimal problems but have not done paid BPOs.  They also own Keylink that offers $30 BPOs. 

  •  I would never do an exterior even for $30.00

    • That wasn't the question. 

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