• Dont hold your breath, one of my agents slaves for them.... 4 yrs worth of cma's( 100's)..and she's received..3 listings, 2 of them condos... under 60k.....I did about 25 or so cmas in the last yr..... no results and I was told by THEM.. that there are agents out there that have done over 100 cma's  with no listings either..... they are abusive to realtors and then go back to their fav's to hand out the listing... that's IF they win the bulk bid at all..... I won't waste anymore of my time...., I think they prey on realtors for free work.....

  • The key with Kondaur is to followup with them regularly to check on the status of the property you did a BPO on. They usually buy bulk NPNs and if the NPN turns into a REO, the listing could be yours. Effective follow up will help increase the chances of you getting the listing.
  • Sorry to say that the Kondaur listing will be very rare.  I have done many valuations for them over the past year and a half including contacting owners to do short sales, etc.  One became a Kondaur sanctioned "Uncle Bill" transaction.  They mostly the use the values to bid on the mortgage paper.  If I'm good at the 30 day value, their bid won't be accepted because other entities are overbidding.  I got one listing that I had never valued and was reassigned to me.  I was many times not treated with respect because I inherited a price and a recent negotiation at a value much higher than I would have recommended for a 30 day sale.  Then when I had to push the asset manager into requesting highest and best from 2 FHA purchasers over a cash buyer who continually decreased his offer during negotiations, I didn't even get an "atta girl" when we netted much higher.   I did appreciate their willingness to do repairs and they take all responsibility to turn on utilities and pay for them.  I had no expenses at all.   

  • Great people to do business with.

  • For every two BPO's I do for them I usually get one listing, If they would have won them all in the pool they were working I would have gotten all of them. I just did 17 Bpo's for them last month over a three day period, they are working three different pools now at the same time. The new batch of properties are different now........what I mean is they seem to have shifted toward the higher dollar homes. (beach front and so on) couple of them over a million even in this market.


    There are several good forums on Kondaur bur my opinion is I'll work with them anytime.

  • I decided to sign up today as the posts here sounded encouraging and I read about them on their website. My team is ready to help a lot of people. Other sources have been slow.

    Thanks! John.

  • They are a great company
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