Is anyone working with Gov Hud Agents?

This company assigns you a region in which you will be given BPO, CFK, & REO listings with in 1-3 months after signing up. They have a one time sign-up fee of $149.00. That's their total cost. Is anyone currently working with them or know anything about them? I never heard of them until a week ago. I did sign up on their site and was asked to supply my resume.  They reviewed it and conveniently have my office region available. Thanks in advance for your response.

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  •  I just got a call from these guys. I was busy so he is calling back later. He did send me an email with forms that they use.

    Maybe they want me to think they are really doing business with Chase and Phoenix.

    I think that call will go to v-mail when he calls back.

    Thank you everyone that posted their experience with this company.

  • my experience is nothing for the effort and $$ payed

    no listings and the bpos where few and far inbetween, i am also still waiting for the area/state rep to call me after over 7 vm's.


    visit me at and get some freebie info on bpo/reo stuff and send me your feedback


  • Thanks for the post.  I almost signed up with them and did some research.  There were a few things that didn't add up.  Found your blog post, thanks for saving me $149.  It seems they take advantage of the realtors looking for ways to expand their business.
    • Jen,

      Did he give you a number to call him  back or is he calling you back?  I would like to have a few choice words with him. 

      • He called on a 'Restricted Line', he is suppose to be calling me back, but I haven't answered.  I sent him an email asking for the office number and references from Maryland.  We will see if he follows through.


        I can pass on your number as a "lead" for him if you want!

  • I just filed my complaint on the same site. I agree that we all should file so something can be done about these scams.
  • hello,
    Can anyone let me know if one [ as the buyer's agent] can represent a buyer in an Auction? Do we get commission?
    • Hi Rosie,

      Yes you can represent a buyer in a auction. Commission's are set by the auction companies. Contact the auction company or look them up in the web to find out what they pay. Some pay as little as 1 percent. Good luck!
      • Thank you Lou,
        How do i go about looking in my city what is available or what is coming up for auction?
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