• Normally if a company is legit, there will NOT be any fees, other than direct deposit & etc.  I have worked with Corelogic for years also VSS. If they are asking for money up front. not legit.

  • I was with Corelogic as a Panel member streamlining the forms since I attained Platinum designation close to 100% for years. After it came back from India, I was approached by the recruiter for similar work. I showed them my credential, score card. They said I have to start my application all over. Initially, they rejected my application stating my license was 2 months away from expiration. Then they said my E&O insurance was close to expiration. This and that VSS profile was finally accepted. Next was background check which I submitted 3 different types but I think I have to use criminal or crimesearch version. Enough was enough. From July last year I have spent more flipping time with them. I will charge VSS or Corelogic $6 each time they sent me crap over....

  • I use corelogic and there is a fee to get paid I believe its 6.00 per bpo for the company that processes the payment. Meaning if they pay 51.00 for you to do a BPO at the end of the month you will receive a bill from the payment processor for 6.00. So its an individual decision if you feel its worth it I have never understood how these companies get off charging agents to get paid this is not the first company I have seen with this practice.

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