Green River Capital

I just got accepted as a vendor with GRC. Can someone shed some light into their business practice?  Do they negotiate fees prior to accepting BPO orders? Do they pay on time? Any feedback on your experience would be greatly appreciated. 

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  • We have worked with Green River, and have not had any problems with them.

  • Anything to do with Mainstreet platform adios. I think you need to send a mls data sheet also and multiple photos. Used to hang an address sign with your hand sticking out of you car aiming at the house.You need to check see Green River Capital has any inventory.

    Do a few for them and stop accepting any work. If they find you that is fine. Hope you got better things to do,


  • Unless things have changed, they do pay on time via direct deposit.
    They were great to work with when I first started doing bpo orders for them. They paid good at the time. After about a year they started using RealtyPilot. That was free at first. Then RP got on the bandwagon and started charging agents $35 a month. GRC also started paying less and less and expecting more and more from the agent. After about 8 months to a year it got to the point where it was costing me money just to get a handful of bpos. Their QC people didn't know anything about real estate let alone valuating properties. I would get emails back asking why I didn't use so and so as a comp only to look it up and realize that they were looking at Zillow and the comps that they were coming back with were sold like years ago. I got tired of that and stopped doing anything for them. 

  • I to notice the $17.50 interior inspections absolutely ignore them the forms bpofufill uses are a nightmare to work with. Their fees are the lowest only beaten by old republic the problem seems to be these super hungry agents don't realize if they leave the order then the fees go up. Much like protek I use bpo as a gas tank filler only accepting an order of its on my route otherwise I leave it for the hyenas
    • I don't accept them either but I also do not insult those who choose to do them.

      • It "insults me" when agents dilute our industry and thus diminish our worth by accepting $30-$35 BPOs and $17.00 inspections.

        • I agree 100%

    • LOL, too funny, but true!

  • I receive BPO solicitations from Green River through BPOfulfillment.  They pay $35 in the Washington DC Metro area and I have yet to accept any.  But they are grabbed up quickly by other hungry agents.  

  • They always pay, worked with them for 4 years, never had any troubles. Started with lots of REOs from them when they had the Fannie Contract. None in the past 3 years from them. Have been working the bpos and rental checks for them the past 3 years on Realty Pilot platform, now they have purchased bpo fulfillment, I will not be doing any more they lowered the price from $79.00 to 17.50 and 37.50. When they used Realty pilot it was not unusual for me and my partner to do drive by inspections and interior checks, and reports for 25-40 in a weekend, now you can't finish 8 in a whole weekend on the new platform. However they always pay and some of the nicest people in the business. Wish they would have bought Realty Pilot, LOL.

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