Since all of you know, my primary obsession right now is getting paid from these companies.  Since I am not the only one who has not been paid or is being paid at a very slow rate, I was wondering....

Who out there are the top 10 providers that this company owes money to?  I just wanted to try to get an idea of what they really owe...Feel free to inbox me with your responses.

I will just admit right now what a sucker I am and tell you that currently mine is sitting at about $5200 but they have promised to pay me $800/mo now until it gets caught up. So...beat that!

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        • Hello James,

          I filed a small claim with the Colorado State Court.

          That woke them up and a month later I got all my money  

  • Good luck on getting paid. I have not done anything for them in years and after hours of telephone calls and even contact the BBB i just have up after they owed me about $500

  • First Valuation. 

    After 8 months and no money I started complaining. A month later I would tell them that I am not doing any more till I got paid. I asked them to pay my invoices that were more than 6 months old, then I would continue working working. In August of 2015 they told me my first check would be issued in the of November.

    Then I went online to Colorado small claims court. I made sure to file the suit for enough money that would include my traveling to their area.

    A month later I got a check for payment in full about $2000.

    I stopped doing BPO's. I was told by broker that is the whole industry.

    Now I will do BPO's for free if I get the REO listing.


    • I m owed over 6K and they used to pay me 800/month until I stopped accepting work from them.  They have not paid me since January.  Much of the work they owe me for is back in the beginning of 2016.  i would love to shut these guys down. They are a Colorado company and they have stiffed hundreds of us! I hired an attorney, did little to no good.  Have to go through small claims.  Its such a pain.  They said my account is being re-evaluated.  I am going to be forced to sue.  Don't be ashamed....they are sneaky calling and promising to make feel hostage to them just to get your pay.  I make it a point to tell everyone what a crook Walter Coats is!

      I need to file...looks like they will pay then.



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