• Not sure. I signed them up and HR took all the info on a fly.  They have more than bpos. She gave me the log in which uses the same platform as ORTC. $40 bucks a pop. The drawback it uses IE browser.

    I think it is legit.

  • their company name is a red flag for me.  not too professional, tell them bye bye or google them and see what they are all about, BUT I would be leery of doing business with them

  • where do you go to signup with them?

  • I must say this is a good company.

  • RealServ/DecisionReady is a nice little company too bad they don't have a lot of work

  • I have.   they have an easy platform and pay on time.  I usually get a couple a month from them.   

  • I have worked for them for years.  They are a great company to work for.  The form is easy, 3 day turn around, pay fairly quickly and best of all ... they rarely send back your report for revisions.  However, they don't have a lot of work.

  • I've gotten a few emails from them. By the time I get logged in the orders are gone. Too many people using order acceptors to grab bpos. But I don't really do that many bpos anymore anyways. I have too much work with listings now a days. The only companies I'll do bpos for are SAM and Goodman Dean. Screw every(low paying)body else. I've even noticed that BPOFulfillment has something to do with SolutionStar. Even if the email I got one day claims they are not affiliated with BPOFulfillment. The log-in and password are the same for both. I don't have time for $35 bpos and getting paid 2 months later.

    • Solutionstar (parent company Nationstar) only is under BPO Fulfillment as they are trying to break out from being a client to having their own platform  and discovered that BPO Fulfillment was a bad platform.

      SolStar is now XOME they pay every week and have a lot of work - they say they will be fully off BPO Fulfillment in a month. They also use iBPO which is a smart form that has many auto fill features.

      BPO Fulfillment got bought out in Nov-Dec by Clayton Holdings parent company to GreenRiver Capital who - although pays  asks for tons more info including rentals for $35 (they used to pay $50 before they took over)  - didn't even tell the other companies they had bought out the platform and caused all kinds of havoc with other assignments for a while

  • They are good to work for and pay quick. They don't get alot of work in my area but I take it when it comes.
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