Clear Capital Property Inspection Pays $15

Had two emails from CC this morning. Both for Property Inspections.
They were only paying $15 each.
They made sure to indicate that "no comps" were needed to complete the inspection.
But you still need to drive out to the property and take photos.
In reading the fine print I noticed that if a property is in a Gated Community to try to gain access. If needed, gain access by searching the mls for another listing within the Gated Community to get in. I don't know how it is in other States, but I'm pretty sure that here in California that if you get caught without a valid reason or by the homeowner that you are doing the Property Inspection on that you could very easily be arrested for trespassing on private property. 
But anyways, $15 for a Property Inspection and still have to drive out to the property to take photos. No thank you. I'll pass.

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  • With the lock down (again) in place. Many residents are walking around their neighborhood. However, Corelogic uses a form that you have to pay the form company using it to submit. They used MCS before and I think it has been closed.
    Realtors, brokers and appraisers, all have more time and are looking for a gag to supplement their income $5, $10, $15 all helps near their home.
  • As many here have stated, $15 is way to low. I used to get a a lot from First American as they were doing work for local Credit Unions on second's and required a inspection of the exterior with photos. But they run closer to $30 which is fine. In my mind $25 is a breaking point, anything under that is not worth the trip out.
  • Actually they bumped up to $20 a PI rpt. Do not knock it. Even new mortgage appl with purchased contract seems to get blessed 1st proving property is not damaged. A realtor underutilized saw several photographers taking fotos in each direction(only required by valuation companies) in some of the most expensive neighborhoods in America. She did 200 PIx$20=$4000 in about 1 week. Son helped to upload images. Can realtor make $1k/day?
  • If enough people refuse to work for $15.00 then they will get the message, My minimum for PDr is 45.00 and it is more depending on location. At 15.00 you are losing money before you start your car engine.
    Let's boycott these cheap companies, if you are so desperate that you are willing to work for peanuts then you are in the wrong business
  • just refuse them, no one works for 15.00. There will always be some lacky who will do them, so let him or her waste their time for no $$
  • I do not do anything for $15.00, I refuse all CC offers for property inspections. They are getting real cheap 45.00 for BPO, I do not need their business it costs more than that to do a drive by. When they can not place an order they come begging and the price goes up. You have to look at your costs of doing business and you can not survive on 45.00 unless the property is within 2 miles. Their volume is way down also. then again, all of my companies have decreased volume, it will pickup , there is going to be a wave of new foreclosures soon
  • What is Pro-Teck paying for drive by BPOs
    • Pro-Tech is sold. A company since 1947. Its discount model did not help. As soon as they stopped offering benefits most have left. I did one virtual PMI removal. The owner shot the photos and sent to them and I get to compile just $45.
      • plus their employees are MISERABLE.....
  • Any other companies that pay $25 or more for inspections? Would appreciate if someone shared if they know of any. Thanks!
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