Byline management

Hello - have any of you geard of or worked with Byline Management? 

They are offering me several listings, but want $349 from me.

Homes are in foreclosure and stll occupied. 

Seems fishy.


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  • sounds familiar, there were others in the past that operated this way. Keep your money
  • Byline contacted me today, they give you the whole sales pitch about how much business they can give you and hit you with the one time fee at the end. The other scam companies were also based in Illinois, I'm not sure if this is the same guy but with different company name. The listing he dangled was 650k
  • Never ever pay any company a fee thinking you will get something of tangible value. Scammers.
  • Stay way from fee to join there club. Suckers are born everyday and 2 of these schmuck operations to take them.
  • There are Fraudsters out there😂. There’s a guy who has a fake REO Servicing Co and he keeps changing the name of his business when he gets caught giving (usually several) unassigned (Not assigned to his company) REO to agents to do BPOs and list them BUT, he charges a fee. When he gets caught he simply changes his name. If you are a seasoned REO agent, you can tell immediately if you are talking to a real asset manager or one of his FAKE imposters.
  • Run as fast as you can
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