• I did work for them about 3 years ago, they owed me for 2 or 3 BPO's for over a month so I immediately stopped doing any more for them until they paid for those......they never did pay me. I received a request the other day to do 3 of them in my area (So. Fl.) they wanted to know my fee...I didn't reply...I won't do anything for them at all and haven't for 3 years.

  • I have just tried something different. I have filed a scam report with the Denver BBB. Since this is new to me, I am not sure if anyone has tried this before, but maybe if we all go in there and flood their system? Well...just a thought.

  • I eventually got paid by them, but it was a long battle.

  • I did some work for them in 2013---still waiting!!! Try this. Next time they offer an assignment, accept it and don't complete it, wait for them to call you and explain that you'll do the assignment when you get a check for previous work..They are quite nasty when you do this.

    • Yup I have done that.  I actually just got off the phone with them.  Finally got a return phone call back.  I am sure I will not be receiving anything from them since I just told her that she and the other people from the company should be ashamed of herself.  I also told her I would be hiring an attorney.  I am sure I probably put myself in the "not going to be paid" pile.  Ugh I am soooooo angry with these people.

  • they do not pay have owed me 750 for at least a year with many requests dont work for them

    • I got paid because I called the owner and threatened them.  They are slime.  They wanted to place more orders with me once i was paid.  I told them no thanks.   The BPO business is spiral downward as far as fees.  I would like to form a group to organize and set a fee structure that is acceptable to all. 

      Let me know what you all think.  Thanks.

  • They claim to pay 90 days out, but don't.  Then they try to work out a payment option but do not follow through with their agreements.  Just wondering if there is a class action against this company that we may become a part of.  Any ideas?

    • I too was wondering if there was any current class actions against them.

    • Another there any way to get word out to the lenders who use these companies? I am sure that legit lenders wouldn't order work from them if they knew what was going on.

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