• South Carolina has been steady.
  • Jimmy, my BPO flow is steady. I usually only accept orders from companies that assign listings, so I let many of the mill orders go. Here in California, BPO activity is still good. If you're slow, maybe it's time to sign up with more companies.
  • South Bay, CA had over 1000+ bpo, Santa Cruz and other rural areas are all slammed. But it is back to normal.
    I get a full box that will not go away when I ask for reassign. I also receive calls urging me to take more with out of distance allowance. Modesto, Fresno all got a surge of drive bys.

    I also hear from other agents they got a handful from different companies.
    • Here in Chicago it has been crazy. Getting slammed with ORD (call and negotiate the fee increase), Bankers asset management (equator), Insidevaluation,and RRREVIEW.
  • I still have a steady stream coming through here in Ca. I've noticed Mark to Market and Ocwen have quite a bit going out.
  • Past few days, there has been ALOT of email blasts from Proteck, Clear Capital, and Mark to market. I even had a rep from Proteck call me directly to see if I wanted to pick any orders up.
  • Still coming in to Wa. We're rejecting many of them, especially evoline(never pays), ORD(allmost free) and many other mills that don't have any potential with business growth.
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