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I have a question about BPO Fullfilment.   They have always been a busy company offering sometimes 100 BPOs in a day.   At the end of September  Ashley Riches of Green River reached out to me to do 18 interior inspections.  I accepted but did not hear anything else until the night before the inspections were scheduled with the occupants.  These inspections were from Tricon Rentals and all were tenant occupied.   I met with the representative from Tricon as well as their handyman and did all but one on Monday the 9th.   A few days later Ashley called again and said she had a few more.  I again accepted.  This was 21 in all.  We met the next day and did all but 3.   During this time Ashley was very receptive and answered her phone.   Since then I have not received any BPO offers which usually were quite a few a day.  I emailed BPO fulfillment with not response twice.  I also called their help line with no answer.  I then called Ashley and she also does not answer.  I then tried Tricon with also no answer.  Did anyone else do these types of BPOs?  Also is anyone still getting daily offers?   I sure hope this is not another company going out of business with no notice.  Would appreciate any thoughts from others who have worked for them.  

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  • WOW! BPO Fulfilment is still around?!

    I stopped doing any orders from them when they started paying less than minimum wage for BPOs. I also stopped doing any orders from Green River also. They use to do an email blast of all these properties they wanted done. There was always something with them about having to go out and do an order and then go back out and do an inspection that they wanted you to do for free. And they always acted as if they were doing you a favor by giving you BPO orders.

    Exterior BPO orders use to pay $50, then it became $25 and not long after that it was $13 because the person giving out the orders was skimming $2 off of the $15 and that's how that person was getting paid.  

  • Did you resolve this?  I never heard of them but found this. 


  • I have no experience with Ashley or Tricon but BPO Fulfillment is great. I still get 3-5 per week from them on average. Usually once a month a huge bulk order will come over and I can grab about 10-15 at once. 

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