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I am currently using an Auto Accept company (a Monkey) one.  They have raised their rates (in my case) about 4 times what I am currently paying.  Can you guys recommend any Auto Accept companies that don't charge an arm and a leg?  Maybe just a finger....hahahaha

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  • hey guys-I have been using a gal in india to not only accept my orders,but to type in the report-it has really changed my life. she is a wonderful person and very reliable. she accepts my orders wile I am out doing inspections, I come back witht he pics,send her the comps,she inputs the data,and makes the corrections when needed. her name is leena and her email is

  • I use a standalone computer macro that I paid a programmer to setup, but it works okay. I get maybe 1/5 of available offers. You must have a great connection and a very good computer for this (that you NEVER use for anything else).

    Bpomonkey advertises a $2 per order charge. Is this still true?

    btw, the Bpo market seems to be thinning out on almost a monthly basis. When I started 5 years ago, I could have quit my job and I Would have done okay. Now... it’s just an okay supplemental thing to make a few hundred $ on the side per month.

  • Wow,  it seems it's time to get out of the BPO business. It was good while it lasted, but now, getting orders is just too stressful. 

  • I am using a lady in India for data input-my plan now is to set up an email address for orders that we will share. I hope when I am on the road,she will accept the orders.She does a great job on the input-hopefully this will work as well.

    her email is
    • Does she take the photos too?

  • RRReview sends me a exclusive order about once every three months rest of the time they just throw them out there. Compushare just throws them out as does Altisource.

  • What is the name of your auto accept company?  I'm assuming (a Monkey) is BPOMonkey.  They aren't set up for Altisource's new platform.  

    • What is Altisource's new platform?

  • I used the auto-accept program of BPOA - the company that sponsors the REO Company list at the top of this page - for a while. I think it was $4 per order captured. At $50 and even $40 per BPO, it was worth it but when the fees went down to $30 and $35, it was not.  The number of orders also had declined and one of my clients went back to sending me direct orders instead of shotgunning.   They also let me negotiate my fee in order to get me to go further out. BPOA has since sold off their auto-accept product and concentrates on auto-fill last I checked.  

  • Thats highly illegal

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