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I jsut got a call from Absolute REO to join their network. Apparently they have no one in my area of CA. They want $295.00 per year with a guarantee refund if I am not happy.  Has anyone had dealinghs with them? Did it work out well or not. I hate to pay these people for work, it just seems wrong on so many levels to buy business this way. I really need so guidance here.

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    • Hi Arlyne,

      Heck...in your state you can drink more than that just having wine with dinner, down here in Florida I'll get two dinners out of that!
  • Hi Arlyne, I've been watching these forums for months (many different ones on absreo) I think absreo currently holds the title for longest running and most posts at this point. They are a newer company and it would be very hard to tell at this point where they will be in another year or so. Right now it's the "horse and cart" theory or is it "cart and horse?"

    Right now they're building this big ole cart (us) and they're loading it full of goods (reo products). and they need a team of horses (banks, investment co's and such) to pull it off to market. I still don't think that at this point they have enough horses to pull the cart, as a result of that there are many mixed reviews.

    They are currently very aggressive in building a team and defending their company in all the forums. We can all determine our REO Pro join date as the day before we got the "we are building a team in your area" e-mail from Stephen Johnson (just kidding Stephen, we know you're out there.....get those online forms fixed yet?). If they are as aggressive at nailing down new lenders that want to use their services as they are at recruiting agents and brokers then we should see steady increases in work. If not, they won't be a topic on forums next year. For everyone who has joined or is thinking about joining a new company with no track record and spending $295 .....it is a toss of the coin....no better way to put it, the $295 is most likely for company start ups and operating capital, and if the company does do well and I nailed down a spot in my zip code area well then good for me. Correct me if I'm wrong Stephen.......get those online forms fixed yet?

    I signed up 3-4 months ago and have received 1 BPO, I have nothing more to lose at this point so I would like to see them do well but I also understand they might not, everybody needs to understand this going in.
  • Thank you everyone for your info about Absolute. I think they got me at a weak moment and I did sign up with them about 4 days ago. So far I have 2 BPO's to do but I have put them on notice that I will ask for my money back if this does not work out quickly. I can always cancel the credit card payment. According to Stephen Johnson, they just started in California in January and are really still trying to get the technology straightened out and setup thier agents. I hope they are real since they seem easy to work with when I have left messages or emailed them. Before I signed up I had thm send me a copy of their guarantee and since my broker is an attorney, I had her look it over and it seems legit. Does anyone have a positive experience with them?? All I have heard is negatives except from Stephen who works for them.
  • if they would put their "guarantee" (to give all agents at least one REO Listing or get your money back) in writing on the page where you pay with their credit card, then i would spend the money upfront..........versus just telling you this on the phone like they did me
  • Hi Arlyne,
    I just signed up with them and 4 hours later they gave me a BPO to do in my service area. I'm in CA. too.
  • I was contacted by Stephen here on REO Pro about registering with their company, so I completed the online application. I then did a search on google, and found similar responses on other sites to those found here. I decided not to sign up. I personally would rather just pay a referral fee ...
  • They probably called many agents and gave the identical line. I suggest you to deal with one that pays you promptly.
  • They also called me and said that they had one BPO that was a "rush" and asked me for the $295. They sound like over zealous used car salesmen to me and they haven't been around very long at all and would not supply me with real references. I'm not about to pay them that much money.
  • I signed up with them for the tax write off last year. They always have big promises when I speak to them, but they still don't have any assets in CA for disposition. Unless you have the extra money, don't pay them. I guarantee that you will not get any listings from them.

    Oh, and tell Stephen Johnson I said hello... :),
    • HI Matt, if you need another tax write off, please donate and help me reach my goal :)

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