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I feel compelled to write after reading the "Ask the Expert" article. It mirrors my feelings about many things, but mostly the big WHY of why I went into Real Estate in the first place, and the WHY of who I currently work with.But it leaves me with a question as well.........If you are not honest about why you work you only deceive yourself. We work to make money to take care of and protect those we love. As a lifelong entrepreneur who has been in construction and sales - I work to help people. For the most part I work professions that allow me to express myself, help people, and yes make money. I know deep down I can become rich if I help enough people. I can square that with myself and my God all day long. I celabrate my 1 year anniversary with Keller Williams today after working with what used to be a bigger company for 5 years. Keller Williams has been life changing for me in that they believe in having the best of the best - teach the rest. They share, they know there is enough for all and no one person or company will ever take over the market and keep it all to themselves.So I have built relationships in and out of my office. I have a buyers agent, a transaction manager, and many vendors who all have the same goal, service. We get paid when the job is complete. It is a fact that I now make less money per transaction because of the group concept. But it is also true that I am now freed up to do what I do best. I trust each of them and we work on an asset by asset basis - we are independent agents who have banded together to enhance our areas of competence. In all of that - I find I now do a much better job for our clients because I can focus more on their needs instead of paperwork.I am going to a REO/BPO convention soon in Texas and am looking forward to the experience bigtime. I am not a wall flower or shy person but wonder... I am going to network(impress and get more business). I know they have needs I can meet and exceed(compared to what I see being done currently). I know that what I/WE do gets homes sold quicker. I know there are few AM's compared to the many Vendors(me) who want more business- I also know tackling and shoving my card in their pocket will not get the results I want. I am a bit concerned as to how I can be different than my competition at the convention, be noticed, get business - with a servant mindset not violating my principles. More later....
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  • Hi Bob:

    excellent blog, good luck with the convention in Texas. Why don't you add the convention details into our "Event" calendar to announce it to the rest of our membership?
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