Bob Bjurstrom left a comment for Lacie Moore
"Hi Lacie, I work the Willamette Valley area of Oregon (from Portland to Eugene). I am looking for ways to benefit and make life easier for asset managers in my area. If ever you need an occupancy check, 2nd BPO, marketing check, reassignment, or any…"
Aug 1, 2009
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2 Things I am now finding to be true. Although not readily apparent, it is the doing things that are uncomfortable that makes me a better Realtor. And the repetition of it that makes it a habit. Yesterday I girded my loins, parked my car, took the…
Jun 25, 2009
Bob Bjurstrom posted a blog post
I went to a closing for a shortsale referral from Titanium today. In Oregon the seller and buyer sign docs, back to the lender for review, then after approval it goes back to escrow and funds 24 to 48 hour turn around. so this will close on Friday…
Jun 17, 2009
Bob Bjurstrom posted a blog post
I feel compelled to write after reading the "Ask the Expert" article. It mirrors my feelings about many things, but mostly the big WHY of why I went into Real Estate in the first place, and the WHY of who I currently work with.But it leaves me with…
Apr 22, 2009