Why I Like comments!

No Brainer if you ask me. What is the point of writing a blog if no one comments? I guess there is something to be said for getting a bother off your chest....venting so to speak. However, I feel it rather nice to be more interactive. I like to make a post that others have an interest in reading. I more than like to hear what they thought about it. The interactive aspect is a learning tool and a networking tool for me. So please, if you read my blogs......leave me a comment about your thoughts. I wanna hear ya! Your comments will help get to know you better. It is called 'branding' ;~)Linda Landry, REALTOR ® Exit Realty 1st Choice Tucson, Arizona
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  • Thanks Denise and Johnny; glad to know there are real peeps out there. Denise you are awsome and I read many of your comments; thanks! I learn from you. Need to find out how to do the blackberry thing writing offers. Awesome. Johnny, good advice. I personally try not to rant!
  • I would add though to becareful of what you blog or write. You never know who might read your rants and how many raves gets overlooked :-)
  • I am reading...it is a pleasant break in the day. Awesome day of real esate. Keep on blogging!

    Denise Stovall
    Sonoma County
    Northern California
  • Thanks for stopping by Steve AND leaving a comment. It is nice to know someone is reading!
  • I agree, but I've never been shy about speaking up either! ;-)

    But with Jesse's new plan, there's been a lot to read here lately and little time to respond!
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