4359148099?profile=original I have registered in March of 2011 to obtain my Certified Distress Property Expert (CDPE) designation to further my education in real estate. I made this announcement on my weekly radio show last week. I want to show the public that I am an expert in distressed properties. However, obtaining my CDPE alone will not make me an expert.


I am dealing with distressed properties on a daily basis since I assist real estate investors to purchase from the Arizona Trustee Sales on a daily basis. My real estate investors expect a lot from me. I deliver on a daily basis to obtain investment properties at a great loan to value. Yes, there are times when people are still in the homes. How do you deal with that problem? Well, one must be able to communicate with another human being to commit to a move out date so the investor can renovate the property. I have never had a problem over the last four years.


I am looking forward to the CDPE class. I will be the first one to inform you that I do not know it all. So, I would like to accomplish three things from the class see below:


  1. New knowledge on distressed properties
  2. Network with other real estate professionals
  3. Obtain my CDPE designation

The CDPE designation will also show asset managers that I am an expert in distressed properties when obtaining listing assignments to move their inventory with the best methods in the industry. I am ready for the challenge at all times.


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  • On-line does not do the course justice, if you can attend a class it is well worth the 2 days.
  • I am very much looking forward to the class. I was going to do it online. However, I always like to network with like minded people in real estate. Looks like a great turn out.
  • The CDPE designation has paid off for me - it was the best investment I have made - it is well recognized
  • We are always learning new things in real estate. I agree that banks need to train their personnel more on understanding real estate contracts. They will only get stronger as we continue to get out of the this mess. Keep selling one home at a time.
  • Larry,

    I think it's always valuable to further one's education specially in our industry. However, I also believe that some of the asset management companies need to train and educate their staff to better understand the real estate contracts and not just wait for the bottom line number.

    Good Luck!
  • Hello Harry;

    Most of the industry is changing daily on the way they do business and their requirments. It seems to me if someone is willing to invest in themselves both financially and time wise to take classes, earn CE credits and Certifications then I believe they are serious and will be able to communicate with current knowledge to those needed. We all need to stay abreast of current events and information and stay fully informed at all times.

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