I was heavy in the REO / BPO business in Las Vegas for 6 years. I moved to San Diego about a year ago and took a break from real estate sales, instead opting to work with a company affiliated with doing tours to London for the Olympics. Now that the Olympics are done, I am attempting to get back in to the REO / BPO biz, and am finding it SO difficult to get get my wheels turning again.

I previously got most of my listings from Old Republic, but upon trying to get biz again, I have found I must now be a BofA approved agent. I got most of my BPO's from FARVV but am having no luck receiving new orders from them after updating my account to reflect active/change in state to CA. With every company I try to reignite my relationship with or sign up with anew, I am running in to walls and roadblocks everywhere I go!

I'd love to hear some suggestions on WHO IS HIRING AGENTS RIGHT NOW, or any advice on how to get my career in REO / BPO going again. Thank you for your help!!

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