Social Media Marketing: Friends With Benefits

Nowadays, social media marketing is very much akin to a friends with benefits type of situation.Always bear in mind when thinking about and planning social media marketing campaigns and strategy that you have to focus more on making friends than selling your products and promoting your business!Social media is just that, social. In order to utilize social media marketing effectively, it is important for you to understand and realize that fact.Be friendly. Be sociable. Be somebody that other people want to get to know better instead of only trying to be somebody people will buy things from.Actually, one of the basic tenets of salesmanship is that people will buy from those people they like. So, if you are likeable and friendly on social sites, you will certainly be much more likely to make sales to the friends and followers you acquire along the way!One word of caution: If you are not yet active in social media marketing but plan to be in the near future, you had better go ahead and reserve the user name you want to have on the social sites you plan to frequent.All of the major social media communities such as Facebook and Twitter are growing at astounding rates and adding new members daily.So, this might well be a situation of he who hesitates is lost, because if you wait long, someone else will probably grab the user name you want.When using SEO with social media, though, keep in mind that you are writing for real people, not a search engine. Remember that you are addressing friends, not Google.Make your Twitter tweets and Facebook Wall posts, etc. accordingly!If you go at social media marketing expecting to run it solely in a business-like way with lots of sales hype, you’ll be doomed before you even get started.Think of social media marketing more along the lines of friends with benefits that can help you grow your online business!
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