Social Blogging Will Attract The Masses

If you watch teenagers these days they are forever texting each other. I dare not ask what about – but they do spend all day with their fingers on that keypad. Of course I am talking about cell phones and some reports suggest that teens spend more on text messages than on actual calls.Social blogging seems to be the ‘grown up’ form of texting. It certainly has a big following with many of the top web identities having a ‘twitter’ or ‘plurk’ accounts. The difference between texting through a cell phone and social bookmarking is the audience.Cell phone texting is generally one to one. Social blogging is one to many – thousands perhaps for some. Where social blogging is making its mark is in it’s ability to deliver visitors. Twitter allows the ‘twittering’ of posts from blogs via RSS feeds.This becomes an instant message to the world that you have a new post and what the topic is. Those interested can immediately access that post. Is it important? In one way – very!With respect to bloggers, particularly the big namers, getting an early advice on a new post means you can jump in, read the post and leave a comment – at the top of comments. Believe it or not this is important. If your comment is in the first five, every other commenter will most likely read what you have had to say.If your comments are valid there is a good chance they will visit your site. Furthermore, comments near the top are more likely to get a response from the blogger than those lost in the 15 or 20 comments that come afterwards.Social blogging is definitely here to stay. If you can learn to use is effectively you can benefit your site and your reputation.
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