If there's one thing that most of us can agree upon is that as reo agents, we see the best and worst that our great nation has to offer. On any given day, we will be assigned a property whose occupants are in the middle of some of the most heart-wrenching circumstances one can imagine. On that same day, we can also see the worst that society has to offer with obvious loan fraud, property theft and worse. Later that afternoon, we might run into a large and very unhappy dog left behind IN the house....Sometimes the stories we are a part of are hysterical too-A charming ranch-style home in a quiet suburban neighborhood where the living and master bedroom have brand new LEOPARD-SKIN print carpeting or a property formerly occupied by a large male who forgot his Cher wig and evening gown collection.....I love this job because no matter what, everyday is different from the last.I love this job because I get to see ordinary people buy their first homes when only a couple of years ago, they were resigned to being excluded from the great American dream of owning a home.Without question, I have never worked harder but at least for now I have a job where I can earn a good living that doesn't require me to say something like "Welcome to Wal-Mart" or "Would like fries with that?"I've learned more about determining the present value of a property and could move just about anywhere and earn a living as a Realtor because my job has required me to know the fundamentals of marketing and selling a home in just about every neighborhood that there is.That is the best kind of job security.My favorite story so far is helping a family buy their first home in California after coming here from Mexico in 1994, and being able to live close enough to their oldest daughters college so they could also afford for her to attend.The husband is a cement worker and the wife is a housekeeper, neither of which are positions noted for their high incomes. Despite this, in todays market they were able to buy a 4bd/2ba home for 150K in an area that would have cost over 400K in 2006. Was my commission very much? No, it wasn't even close to what I make on some of the nicer homes I am assigned. It was however, my most rewarding sale.What about all of you? Or is everyone else so cynical that it's only about the money?
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  • I occasionally here things like "How could you work foreclosures?" as if the agents were responsible for the circumstances the owner finds itself in. Where would we be if there were no REO agents trying to reduce inventory? You have to look at these properties as an opportunity for new owners. Getting people in homes and restoring neighborhood values is the very best we can do for the community at large and I for one am very proud to be able to help with this important part of the process.
  • As a real estate professional one has to care to help others. During a sad job loss, a family death, an unfortunate eviction we are busy and engaged to serve our clients. It is good to hear that the professionals admit they helped those to fulfill the American dream. The compensation comes second. Often we hear realtors tried to play tricks for monetary gain. Thanks for sharing.
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