NFSTI Seminar

What an awesome seminar this was! Full of a ton of useful information presented in an informal, casual way that allowed all questions to be addressed on all topics.The highly experienced asset manager and top REO agent who were the presenters, were a wealth of knowledge and I felt it was very worth the time and money to attend.
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  • If anyone is looking to get into REO's, BPO's or are already doing them, you really want to attend the NFSTI class in person. I have been to a couple of them. They truly are a wealth of knowledge and allow you to feel confident you can handle the REO's and what you need to do to get out in front of asset managers.

    It also helped me have much more sympathy for the asset managers, the Realtors they hire and realize we are all just doing our best to get an excellent job done for our clients. I recommend them to everyone. I would go to the next California class to just to keep up to date and get any new tips. Plus the family wouldn't mind visiting Mickey Mouse while we are down that way!

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  • Well, the best way is for you to check out their website for yourself by clicking this link: NFSTI
    They offer the following tools for REO Agents who are members of NFSTI: Blogs, REO / BPO Training, Certification Exams, Lists of AMCs to sign up with,. iTunes Podcast, REO History, REO by State, REO News, Helpful Links, REO Specialist Toolbox, REO Scripts & Tools, REO Comp Books and more.
    For $59.00 a YEAR to access this information on their web site is a super deal! Plus when you take and pass the online certification you get to display the cool logo below on your email and websites.

    NFSTI, to my knowledge, has the only advanced live training program that has an asset manager as one of the onsite trainers for the full two days of training. Well worth the cost of the training, and very comparable with other trainings, if not lower!

  • Would you please give me more info abotu NFSTI.
  • Hi Yolanda,

    That is exactly how I did it. I joined NFSTI and took the online certification in September of 2008, then went to the live training this year. Even though I had the certification and access to all the NFSTI 'Goodies' online, I got so much more out of the live training. : )
  • Can I join and do the courses online now? I still want to attend the So. California event.
  • Jason,

    You don't need a promo code. Just call in to our REO Adviser and tell them that you're coming in through REOPRO and Jesse Gonzalez.

    866-446-2977 x202 We're on PST.

    Be sure to call in tomorrow if you haven't already. We're doing a networking promo.

  • Hey there everyone,

    I'm settled in here in AZ and they're keeping me VERY busy. I don't think I remember what 5am was like before this week.

    I'm glad that everyone is getting the answers they need. God bless REOPRO!!

    Yolanda - we'll be heading CA in October when we hit the road. Specific details will be announced in the next couple of weeks.

    I hope that everyone was able to get on the call this morning. Richard (ahem, Ned Flanders) and I had a great time going back and forth. I truly enjoy when we can get on a 30 minute call and toss out some pretty good info and just remind ourselves that providing good info is what it's all about and not worry about bulldogging the information on the premise that we'll lure people in.

    Alright, I'm going to try and get a little exercise in...aside from my little run in CO last week I've been either in a car or at a desk for a week straight. Have a great week and we'll be doing our PMAP call Wed and then another pre-event coaching call Thur. Email me if you need the number:

    G'night all,

  • When will you be in Southern California again. I wanted to attend the Las Vegas event but was ill.
  • I'm going to register for the Orlando training. What is the promo code Linda was talking about? And have they released where it is going to be yet?
  • Sorry for the delay in posting, it's been a busy week. One of Dan's associates did call me earlier this week and we talked briefly about the event and the program. Looking forward to attending the event in Atlanta soon.
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