I just received this in my email...Dear Vendor,As many are aware and have brought to our attention, it has become difficult in several areas to accept orders that have been sent out to numerous agents at once. We have received input from several agents regarding the use of auto-accepting/refreshing software to automatically accept orders and have addressed it accordingly.In an effort to eliminate any unfair advantage produced by utilizing these so called auto-accepting programs we are introducing a new process to accept orders. The acceptance process will be relatively the same as before however the system will now prompt you to enter a validation code prior to accepting an order. This is known as a CAPTCHA.A CAPTCHA is a program that protects websites against automated bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot. For example, humans can read distorted text as the one shown below, but current computer programs can't:This process will only be performed once per order just prior to accepting. If selecting multiple orders from the Ordered worklist to accept at a single time, the CAPTCHA is only required once for the batch (not for each individual order).In the event that you’re unable to read the words provided in the CAPTCHA you can click the link below the word box (Get another CAPTCHA) to get a different verification phrase.This process is planned to go into effect on Sunday, 1/31/2010.I commend M2M for doing this and hopefully agents will get their fair chance at their BPO. I for one have been a losing agent to acceptance in with this company. I even have my email forwarded as text to my mobile phone and SMS messages but still was too late in accepting any assignments.This time, It's a fair free-for-all game. I'm all for it.
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  • I was on the mark 2 market site yesterday i get about one order from them a month, I went back into start the order and was told my email no longer exisited. I call them and they stated that their computer msut have noted me as having auto accept and or auto refresh as I must have refreshed the site over 400 times in a 24 hour period. First of all I have not and will not use auto accept software or auto refresh, secondly I was on the site for 3 hours and maybe hit the refresh a total of ten times ( idont have that mush extra time to devote to a site that has offered me very little money. I spoke with them today and basically was called a liar. I dont really care if I lose the account as I do one a monthwith them. mostly I work with companies that auto assign to me, however it is the principal of the fact that they called me a liar and told me I cheat, that erks me. I am so angry.
  • I prefer to work for companies that do not blast the BPO assignments. I think that they should consider the closest agent to the subject property and send it to that agent first and if no response within 5 minutes should then go out in a blast.
  • Many will soon use Blackberries to accept manually as they blast. I suspect 100% volume producers use very frequent refresh software to accept it. Also overseas have a better chance to intercept them during their day time. M-M claims they are monitoring and dismiss the violators.

    What they really need is to purge their list or limit to a finite radius. Anyhow, this is 1 step closer to what we want.
    Their BPO is remarkably straight forward.
  • Johnny, it sounds like a great first step. I also think that the agents that do the best work should be given first shot, some companies send out to A rated agents first then (I don't know how much time elapses) send out to the rest.
  • Johnny I think that would be a great question for 'ask the AM"
  • I'm sure some AM down the line that review the M2M product will notice the agents doing them though.
  • Mark to Market doesn't assigned REO listing, and the companies who assign them usually don't broadcast to the first come first serve.
  • That's great news! I love the fact that M2M is ahead of the curve. Although I have been doing REO and BPO's for several years I never registered with them and when I tried they were not accepting any new company's. I hear a lot of good things about the company and give them a lot of credit for putting the CAPTCHA verification into effect. I, like many others have lost a share of the BPO business due to the auto-accept software. Now we need to get other companies to follow suit. I believe there is more than enough of business for everyone and maybe now some of you that work with M2M will be on an even playing field. Good luck with your February orders.
  • I wish they could do something like clear capital where we can accept the order using smart phones.
  • I wonder how many get REO listings by using auto acceptance...
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