Isn't it sad...

I can't help but need to vent after all these years.

I have been doing BPO and REO work since 2003.  The fees are the same pittance they were back then but our expenses are out of this world (gas in particular).  The companies have been raising the fees to the "average Joe--consumer" to have and "appraisal" (And I remind them I am not an appraiser).  I hear the consumer tell me time and time again that they are being charged in the hundreds of dollars for interior orders.  All the while, I get far less than that (I know, don't discuss what you make).  It seems that new agents take these for extra spending money and don't care that they are hindering the bottom line for all of us.  They take a few and are gone.  Is there any way to get these companies to start paying the workers a higher price?  We ARE doing all the leg work. In addition, I know of a few agents who let their spouse do these under their name. I have been holding my tongue for a long time.  Any advice?

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  • You have to negotiate your fee, you know what your service is worth. I have found that if you do a good job they are willing to pay more
  • Can haggle for a higher fee. This year took in a lot commercial work. They are interesting because one learns about valuation, income of each industry. How does one value indoor weed farm? How about 25 unit apartments? A couple of them call me back wanting me to get them next project. Yes, gas is about 7 bucks in west coast. All the best. Sam
  • Gas was the same average price or a little higher in both 2008 and 2011. BPO fees are the same and lower than in 1998. As inexperienced agents move into the realm and take those lower fees, nothing will change. It's been a constant situation since agents crowded in in 2008. It's up to the individual agent to manage their own business and the fees they will accept.
  • Start your own BPO company is my only suggestion.
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