Linda Jeffrey posted a discussion
I see Clear Capital and Green River Capital are now requiring background checks. I noticed that they do not use the same company so you have to pay twice.  Thoughts please. Which one would you do ?
Mar 13, 2017
Linda Jeffrey replied to Blair Bryant's discussion New to BPOs. Any recommendations?
"Hi Blair, BPO's with the good companies have gone by the way side at least in my area of Fl. The fees were dropped so badly due to newer agents wanting to get in and agreeing to do them for a reduced fee. 1 response you received from a fellow agent…"
Feb 6, 2017
Linda Jeffrey replied to William J. May's discussion Since I’m new to BPO’s I have a few questions....
Please, please, please take some classes.  If you are not experienced in BPO's then you are not doing the Client justice with false data.  Inexperienced agents doing BPO's lower the rate for us that are experienced and can provide true…"
Oct 13, 2014