BPO Companies Requiring Background Checks

I see Clear Capital and Green River Capital are now requiring background checks. I noticed that they do not use the same company so you have to pay twice.  Thoughts please. Which one would you do ?

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  • They both use SterlingBackCheck you do not need to pay for 2 background checks. You either need to have the digital copy and/or allow access to your background check through Sterling. The REVAA check is very comprehensive from Sterling but mostly you still have to give consent to have it shared between REVAA and/or other parties. Companies in REVAA are supposed to be able to auto view but that is not true.

    Depending on which end of GRC you are in they use both Sterling for listing/property management and RedBell for BPOs through BPO Fulfillment which was originally Mainstreet Valuations and then bought up by RedBell.. You can get them to use the Sterling in BPO Fulfillment but they kind of fight you on it. BPO Fulfillment was bought by GRC's parent company a year and a few months ago.

    Virtually all companies are using Sterling. Some pay for their private use - but you can obtain your own copy of their check for distribution elsewhere although it may not be comprehensive enough for some companies

    Oh yes most of the companies will now tell you the background checks are good for 2 years instead of just one. Always ask!! and save some hassle.
  • I have a number of different companies that want background checks - The revaa network shares with companies in its network however I have companies, not in the network who use sterling and have to have to have there own copy direct from sterling. I tried to talk to both the companies and to sterling about this - sterling will send me a paper copy of the report to share with anyone I want - They only did this after I reminded them its the law because it falls in the same category as a credit report - I am entitled to a copy of what they are reporting on me. However even though I pay for the report even in the REVAA network they still place another's companies name on it as requesting company - and it has been pointed out to me if another company accepts it and their name is not on it - then that company may be in violation or breaking an agreement between sterling and the original requesting company and could face legal issues. I have tried several times to talk to sterling about a possible arrangement where I pay for 1 report with them with me as the requestor and that for say 10 or 20 dollars I would be able to add a company to share it with each time - it was a joke to them after all they make all this money for the same info on me each time from me - why would they want to hurt the gravy train. I have to pay more than one groups( like REVAA) and a few individual companies for the same report from sterling and they repeat this process each year. - I have had 4 requests in the last week. It is a real pain but I have not found a complete solution yet - but will follow this thread to see if others have any better luck.

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  • Aspen Grove is the other one the default mortgage field services companies are using.
  • Below is a link to the Real Estate Valuation Advocacy Association (REVAA). A background check (Sterling Solutions) from one company on the list usually will get accepted by the others. However, I was able to get Corelogic to accept my Sterling background check from a non-REVAA company.

  • Who on God's Earth would pay for a background check to do a God Dam BPO!

  • I've used Sterling Talent Solutions in the past. Most BPO Companies and banks have accepted Sterling's background check.

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