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What is your feeling of Asset Management Companies charging a 30% referral fee and a 6% commission where they take a 1% admin fee?
May 27, 2010
Celeste ODea commented on Jesus (Jesse) Gonzalez's blog post Affiliate Broker’s REO Career Destroyed by Their Managing Broker
"I believe there are real estate companies out there in our world where this would never happen, because the companies core values are about their people. It is our responsibility to make sure we are with one of these companies in these challenging…"
Feb 24, 2010
Celeste ODea commented on Jesus (Jesse) Gonzalez's blog post Agent says No Thank You to REOPro Lead.
"Its all about mindset. Either you have it or you don't!"
Feb 24, 2010
Celeste ODea commented on Jose Rivas (DGRA) CDPE, SFR's blog post How can a Titanium assignment and an empty promise can hurt your client?
"Wow!!! The HRC definitely dropped the ball here! Don't give up on your people if that is at all possible because it sounds as if they still need your help.

Good Luck"
Feb 16, 2010
Celeste ODea replied to Jose Rivas (DGRA) CDPE, SFR's discussion Prices keep dropping in Baltimore
"Price it right the first time, and stay ahead of the market. And throw away all the reduced signs. We should be close to the bottom of the market if we are not already there in the Wash- Balt area."
Feb 16, 2010