Who knows "Team Lear" as asset management company: I received a call today from an Asset Management Company "Teamlear" from Colorado. The spokes person, Ms. Jordan claim she is the asset Manager, that she wants me to do BPO for her company and that all the BPO's l do will result in REO which l will be listing for them. She furher said that she will be requesting me to deposit $400 for the home maintanace, a one time fee. Then l will pay $54.00 for the software to use for their program. I do not belief her, but has anyone heard about this company or did any business with them? I know am not paying any money to them.

Are they fraud or real? They have a website:

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  • I received a call from Team Lear yesterday with the same scenario.  When I asked who the lender on the property was, he did not know.  Fast talking, pushy man trying to get me to pay the money NOW so that I could accept the file and fill out the information on site.  I told him I needed a few minutes to check him out and I would call back.  He said he would not be there, but I checked him out and emailed him that I was going to pass on the opportunity.  He was still there and told me not to believe all the bad press on the company.  Just told him I was following my gut instincts as they don't let me down.

  • These scam artists called me again.  She wanted to explain to me how her company works.  I told her that we can end the conversation right now if she is looking for a check from me before assigning me these "listings" she has.  She hung up.  Clowns.

  • I am sorry but you have been scammed.  If they are wanting you to sign up with Res.Net that is a new ploy.  I have received emails from Green River capital that state they do not work with them.  Let's not forget the former employee that called me to tell me they use folks from prison call centers to scam us.

    They will have you complete the BPO's but that is where it ends.  Try to get your credit card company to refund your money.  If you check the county records for the properties they have you do a bpo for you should contact that bank and ask if they work with Tem Lear.  How could so many agents be wrong.  Read all of the blogs.  They will continue to put new spins on this.

    • I use RESNET all the time. That isn't what she meant.

      This is truly a scam and no I haven't been I have talked with this person and she knows that I am on to her.

      How ridiculous that these people think they can do this to other individiuals.

      Thanks for your comment

      • I think her account was hacked.  Look at the grammar. Her post is hard to read, I don't think she wrote that.

  • Hi,

    I signed up with Team Lear.

    I went in and did the certification test for REO and then she gave me 2 assignments.

    I did pay the money and do know that I have to pay REO resnet 700.00 a year to use their platform

    I get many of lisitngs from them.

    The 2 properties that need
    BPO also are on my foreclosure list.

    I haven't accepted them yet based on reading this.

    My only worry is that when I call them it goes to a voice message and then I have to leave a message.

    I talked with Riley Newman and she wanted to get this done on Friday.

    I don't know yet, but I did call her and also email her my concerns.

    Any thoughts?

    • The Res.Net angle is new. I'd check with Res.Net to see if Lear is one of their clients and if they have actually assigned listings.  Also inform Res.Net of this discussion. 

      Also you do not get listings from  You get listings through 

  • Hello all, I just received a vm at my office from a woman named "Faith Thomas" saying she was an asset mgr with "Team Lear" and it was very "urgent" I call her back about an important listing opportunity they wanted to assign me!  Why don't these fraud artists know we're ahead of the curve when it comes to this type of scam?  Send them money first?  They must be kidding! No thanks.

  • Got the call from Team Lear.  When I questioned him he said he would send me more info in an email.  No link to website, no contract agreement, nothing but his mug. I already had his name and number from the voice mail he left me.  Total scam.  This is what he sent:


    I appreciate you taking your time to speak with me, and I am looking forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with you. 
    Warmest Regards,

    Michael Rogers

    Asset Manager
    Direct Line: 720-515-7037 ext. 232
    Office Line: 720-515-7037 


  • I just had the guy from Lear calling me and offering the same deal on an REO. $449 fee that will be refunded upon closing of the first property. When I told him I was researching his company he started to stutter and hurried to get off the phone.

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