Since the REO market is changing, but there are many distressed properties out there? Where should we be to be in the front line? What do you do to get more REO or Regular Listings?

I have spent few thousands on lead generating companies, subscriptions, seen agents spent on trulia, Zillow,tigerleads and so on.

Where do you spend your money to get more listings

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        • Hi Marvin,

          Would like your postcard too


        • BTW, Marvin, I like your postcard. I am doing an expired postcard campaign now for the ones I can't find phone numbers for. 

          1. Call
          2. If no contact, mail postcard with a (somewhat) unique proposition.
          3. If no contact and its a property I really want to list, mail postcard AND go door-knocking and leave a door hanger if not home.
          4. FOLLOW UP.

          So far, my ROI is reasonable. I'm trying to turn it into a juggernaut by the Spring though!

          And all those signs bring buyers! I capture the phone numbers for the recorded info line and also have a "text for details" number on my flyers, which are deliberately vague to make the potential buyer have to call or text for the details. They get a return text automatically with a link to that listing on my website, and THEN I have their number to call them on and they have a pretty nice property search website that is geared to mobile!

          Fun stuff. I like being busy in October!

      • The secrets to success are already out there.

        The truth is that 95% of people won't do the sustained work that Marvin does to make postcarding (or anything) work. They will mail out 20 postcards one time and wonder where the people are who should be calling them and then say "postcards don't work." 

        Marvin could put the whole "keys to the kingdom" out there and most agents won't make the effort to see any of it through, instead buying buyer leads and looking for that silver bullet that allows them to make money with no effort!

        • Eric - You hit the nail rite smak dab on the head.

          It is not an EASY process. The process takes hours and days and weeks to acquire 1,000s of names and addresses.

          And, it's a numbers game.  Mail 1,000 cards, get 2-5 listings, 1 or 2 will sell. Mail 5,000 get 5-20 listings and 4-8 will sell.

  • Marvin,

    I would love a copy of the postcard too.  Can you email me a copy to  Thank you!!!

  • Marvin could you be kind enough to send me the questions on the postcards as well. My email is .. I know you are being asked by many and I would greatly appreciate your. Help and kindness in sharing. Thank you in advance. Jean Marino
  • Marvin could you send me the questions listed on the postcards . When I first became a realtor I found some of those postcards in my office and use them. Very valuable
  • For REO listings, that ship has sailed.  Yes, there are a lot of distressed properties out there, but the inventory of actual REO's is way down in my area.  For example a broker working for Freddie Mac I know was working 60 properties at a time in the hey-day.  Now she is lucky if she has 6.  The banks are using the brokers they had established relationships with.  The banks I was working with either folded, merged or were taken over by bigger companies, so I am out of the loop and have not been able to get my foot in the door again.

    To kind of piggy back on this thread......I am thinking of sending out the return postage paid post cards with questions to home owners as suggested by Marvin Von Renchler, but seem to be 'parked on a dead brain cell' as to what questions to ask due to the huge change in real estate information.

    People no long have the same questions or needs since information has become freely accessible on the internet.  They can easily find out their home's value, what has sold in their neighborhood, what price homes are listed at etc, etc.

    You and I know the 'quality' and 'accuracy' of the public online information is not necessarily realistic nor specific to their particular home or neighborhood or even area of town, but the general public is in hog heaven using these public sites and sees us as no longer the gate keepers of the information.

    So other than 'When you thinking of selling', 'Do you have friends and family looking to buy / sell' I am stumped for ideas of questions of value to ask the home owners.

    Any creative suggestions??  Since the post cards have the return postage paid, I am hoping to come up with some interesting ideas that will stimulate home owners to check the boxes and send the post cards back.

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