• Most brokers get overly fixated on DOM (Days On Market) when DII (Days In Inventory) is typically what most asset managers are concerned with.

    The best way to reduce this is to become a CFK master as evictions are the number one thing that increases DII.

    The next best way is to truly vet buyers before going into contract with them. Don't be afraid to pick up the phone and grill their agent and lender up front. The last thing you want is to add days to your DII with a buyer that has no chance of actually closing on your listing.

    I hope this helps :).
    • this helps put alot... I appreciate it a bunch! 

      • Don't know which part are you Mark, but in Los Angeles we have a high DII due to Tenant Protected ordinances.  But Kyle is right, work those occupants since day one of assignment.

  • Trying to stream line process of cash for keys by decreasing days in inventory. Goal is to maintain eviction time-frames of 50 days or less by keeping abreast of all federal and state statutes and regulations regarding evictions, tenant's rights, and lending regulations and compliance.

    Kent Steffes


    My assumption-

    • Thanks Kent!  I took an REO class at Century 21 Convention last year

      and Bubba Mills mentioin days in inventory but the acronym did not come to mind.

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