• I am in Fort Lauderdale and I do get some BPO's from RRReview on somewhat of a constant basis but they are only elclusive orders which are sent only to me and I have a limited time to accept the BPO, I think 30 or 60 minutes. If an order comes the regular way from RRR I never get it cause someone has auto accept on these and I could be siiting in from of my computer and try to capture the order it is gone in 5 seconds. This happens to me also on Clear Capital, Altisource and a couple of others. I have reported this to the sites involved  and all of these sites say they do not  condone auto accept but they really do not do anything about it. As long as the BPO gets done they really don't care. The RRR reports I do get are good and sometimes they go too deep in requesting more information and but they do pay good and relatively fast

  • Same here; I'm in Denver, Colorado. I called and like always had to wait on the phone and pray whoever answers does not have a heavy accent. I was told there were no orders in Colorado at present. I have no idea what happened. But it's so unusually to go from 50+ orders a month to nothing. RRR made a mistake and sent me a order for New Jersey last month.

  • Does anyone have a sample HUD Proposal I can look at? Its to apply to be a listing broker.

  • its global  spoke with them yesterday saw several orders today but not like normal

  • Same thing here in SW Florida.

  • Well, two things:  They are very low on orders and just told me they are expecting a big rush from a new client. Second---go to YOUR PROFILE on their site. They had some software glitches and the boxes where you mark what types of property reports you do (residential, commercial etc) were UNMARKED and so were the fees you charge. That had been costing me any biz from them.

    • Same here they must have lost a contract or something must have happened. 

  • I was getting a similar amount as well and now I'm down to about 3-5 a week. 

  • Same here 

    • Same here, I'm in the Colorado Springs area.

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