I have a company soliciting me as a result of Residential Network I believe.  They are saying they will link me to First American for reo listings.  But their fee is $149.  I've already paid $299 to Residential Network.  They gave me an exam and guaranteed I'll have a listing within 6 months.  So far no listing and the guarantee is an additional 6 months of advertising till I receive a listing.

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  • Shouldn't have to pay. Anyone ever do a listing for ResidentialClaims.com?
    See related links to what you are looking for.
    • I meant Residentialms.com  put wrong website on the first question.

  • First AM REO is not giving out any listings, Fannie Mae would be the company to get in with.

  • Do not waste nymore money.  I have been working for first American for years and all I have gotten is bpo's no listings

    • Ok, thanks.  That's what I needed to hear.

  • I am on Equator as well.

  • Yes, I refused to pay another dollar.  And just thought I'd inquire about who really gives reo listings?

  • Stop right there and stop writing checks. Resnet is the only one and you should be signed up on equator. Any other pay to play or take my test dummy certification is just to generate revenue for the solicitor.


    IMO do not pay for REO listings / referrals.


    A good company will find you.


    I receive calls companies just by being listed one this web site, REOPro, RESNET, and rBPO with NAR.


    Along with that, the requests I do get are for far more then just the listings.

    other items requested

    - Repair list, and costs

    - my property repair management abilities.

    - do I have a repair crew ?

    - how quickly can I get the work down ?

    - MLS data and MLS sub data for that property

    - rental info and rental management companies

    - the size of my READY, WILLING AND ABLE Buyers list. ( they don't want the list, just can the property be sold in under 10 days if the price is right )

    - 30, 60, 45, and 90 day mls listing price and sales prices.


    The REO listings is not much compared to the pre-listing work.


    If you do the pre-listing work, than maybe the REO listing


    just doing BPOs is not going to get you listings.


    just my 2 cents after 20 years of distressed property work and sales.


    basically if you don't want to get your hands dirty doing work, even minor trash out yourself, you might not get the listings.


    • I have all of this experience pretty much over my 15yrs of real estate experience.  Just need an acct exec to give me an opportunity.  Not tripping off of any bpos.  NREIS has already stiffed me for $1200.

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