Fellow Realtors-

We warn you NOT to do any business with BPO Online, a 1st Valuation Company, as they call themselves.


They currently owe us several thousand $$$ dollars on almost 50 orders dating back to the beginning of the year.

We have contacted them repeatedly...they're initial responses:

"Please accept my apologies for the delay. Unexpectedly, we are still running behind at this time. We are currently in the process of recovering from some negative effects suffered with the downturn in the economy and truly appreciate your patience at this time. We are recovering but it will take some time to accomplish this goal. We are in the process of signing on several new clients which will greatly improve our turn time as well as benefit those agents whom have stuck with us. We hope you bear with us during this transition as we truly value your work; you will not be forgotten and you will be paid for all work performed."

Thank you for doing the BPO orders in a timely fashion, we've delivered to our clients, but we're not going to do the same for you.

So...We have to carry the cost of their poor business practices.

And this: "Regrettably, we have fallen behind in our scheduled payments and have not yet been able to send these out. We are asking that you please bear with us a little longer as we are waiting on some receipts to come in so that we may send these out. We know it’s been a long time already and hope that you accept our apologies and rest assured that your orders are indeed scheduled and will be sent as soon as possible."

I'm sure you're saying "WHY did you keep doing work for them?"

Well, the answer is 2 fold.

First, their immediate support staff was gracious, fun, and considerate. Always a pleasure speaking with their operators.

And second, it was relatively simple assingnments--no one shooting at us, no real long reports.

But, unfortunately, we now have to go the legal route because they don't return calls and they apparently have NO intent on paying.

Again, BPO On Line, a 1st Valuation Company-will NOT pay you for your work. They'll benefit from your timely diligence in delivering the report to their clients, but then they'll give you the complete runaround as to why they can't pay.

So our advice? STAY AWAY!!

We are now asking KW International to step in, since they want to protect their agents and keep anymore of them from falling victim to these guys. And, we have contacted the State of Virginia as well as our MLS Board.

This is just WRONG! They should not be soliciting anymore business from clients 'til they get paid.
Apparently, we've been (thankfully) blackballed and taken off their list--they don't call anymore! But they've been recruiting and soliciting heavily in our area because other agents have responded that they've gotten calls and even done orders.

We tell them to STOP and demand payment before doing anything more. Then, see what happens! And then decide.

We hope you'll heed our warning and stay away from doing ANY business with this company!!

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  • I have never completed any work for this company because every time I go to the web site, the BPO was already accepted by someone else :). But you are saying that they don't pay, so agents keeps on completing the work and not being paid? I get these emails daily, they seem to have a lot of work in my area

    From noreply@firstvaluation.net <noreply@firstvaluation.net>;

    This is an email notification that there are work orders available in your area at BrokerPriceOpinion.com. To select an assignment, please Logon and view the Available Orders tab.

    These orders are available on a first come, first served basis.









  • Thanks for the heads up. They keep changing their name, how they get away with it is beyond me.

  • I had to file a report with the Denver BBB. They paid a little, and closed the report. I then re-opened it and ended up with all except about $100 out of $4000. I didn't feel like fighting for the last $50 or $100 or whatever it was. 

    It is my opinion that they are an entirely crooked outfit.

  • i have filed a complaint with the BBB today.  I will also be looking into assistance from the AG.

  • is this the same BPO company as Brokerpriceopinion.com?  I know they call themselves first valuation now

    • Yup, that's them.


      I'm tired of people abusing hungry Realtors.

      • I have gotten in several fights with them over payment.  They still owe me a little over $1500 but I did recieve a check for $400 about a week ago.  Ive had issues with them for years.  They have continued to call me to do work for them.  I think their hope is that agents just forget about the work so they dont have to pay them. The best result Ive had is filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

        • Do you have a contact at the BBB or do you just go on-line, or how? What? Where?

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