Any one signed up with this system yet and if so have they received any work?  They are a Quandis company and have four different clients using there system.  Please let me know.  I would also like to hear if anyone has received work from the companies that are using the Quandis systems.

Old republic


Real Serv

Equity Pointe

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  • I would not pay to get orders from any of these companies. Just sign up on your own at each individual company. I get orders from Old Rep, Equity Pointe, SAM and several others that use the Quandis platform. Good luck.

    Kelly Klei, Broker @

    Discovery Realty

  • I signed up and paid for 6 months and did not get anything from them. Decided to stay as basic and I stopped my membership fee. $10.00 a month wasn't a whole lot, but I just don't like giving my money away heck I could treat myself to a good meal at Coco's or Denny's with once a month.  I already work with several other BPO company's so I really don't need them at this point. I am so tried of these companies saying they will put you in front of others with membership fees and nothing ever happens.  All these vendors just keep getting rich doing this collecting all these funds from thousands of agents, specially those that want you to purchase a zip code(s). I don't believe them when they say you are the only agent entitled to that code, their business would not last very long with that procedure? So I am pretty sure they are selling those zip codes over,over and over again. They get away with it because there's know way we could track it...

  • I'm signed up. I haven't paid for their premium service. I haven't felt the need to since I've never lacked for BPOs assignments from 3 out of 4 companies who use Quandis.

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