• Irfan, I  completed 3 orders for them and got paid on just 1. They are a minimum  90 days out from paying on an assignment.

    • Thanks  90 days it seems different for everyone on this thread I wonder why?

  • I am still trying to collect fees for work done last summer. When I call I am told they will be mailing check shortly, but no checks as of yet.

    • Thanks william it seems everyone has a different answer to the length of time they pay or haven't its a shame this is going on.
  • Thanks They should just say instead of giving a run around.  I was getting worried and after Tessa comment made me think.  Thanks again willy for your feedback appreciated

    • No payment yet for a bpo's done in December, January.  Just moved this company to my do not use list.

      • Thanks gary for information they told me January payments to be exact end of January were mailed last week so if u seen nothing for December something is wrong I feel same as you
        Thanks again
  • I just told an associate of mine on yesterday that I haven't received payment from them and it's been about 4 months.  I will be giving them a call later today.

    • Tessa did u make that call? If so what did they tell you?
    • Well its been one and half months for me they rep I spoke to said they just released end on Jan 2013 Checks I get a different answer every time!!!  I think I am not accepting any more work until I see a Check we provided Service and net is 30 days.  Thank you tessa it seemed like I was the only one out here.


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