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Anyone getting any payments?   I think I last got paid this April for orders through last August.   Still waiting for payments from last September and then October when I accidentally accepted a couple of orders. 

They did finally stop sending me orders a few months back and their website seems to be current.  

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  • HELLO! !!!  I got paid!   I think that this is all I'm owed.  The check was printed November 18th. It covers September,  October,  and  November 1st of 2014.  There is even a trip fee for one that must have been canceled.  18 orders in all for a total of  $710.  A miracle! 

  • It took 4 months to get a payment from them.  I stopped accepting orders from them because of it.

  • I was paid for 4 orders I did a few months back. I sent them a letter first. No response or check. I sent them a certified letter and I go an email from them that a check was being processed and mailed out. Two weeks later I got check. I did two more orders for them about a month ago. I'm wondering if I'm going to have to go through the same thing again to get paid. If it comes down to that then they are off my list of companies to do any work for.
    I don't mind having to invoice bpo companies for work done as long as I know ahead of time that that is what needs to be done to get paid. But when I have to do it because when their website says that they will pay in 45 days from acceptance and it doesn't happen, then I have no desire to continue doing business with them.   

  • Received a payment earlier this month for four BPOs; 2 in Jan/Feb 2014 and two for June of this year. It took several phone calls but the payments finally came through. (The 2014 late payments may have been partly my fault. I lost track of the non-payments and didn't follow up for quite a while.)

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