• So how many did you take?  Risky!

      • None. They haven't paid me in full. They still owe me for September and October. They paid through August 2014 earlier this year. 

    • Hi Stranger,

      We've gone in circles with them but have been getting paid. I would do a few, wait for payment and then carry on in this manner. I spoke to Erick last week and had just received a check and now received and email that the balance would be paid next week. After that is received, it will be on a 45 day payment plan so they say.I'll let you know!

  • No wonder they have hit record highs....

    Zaio Achieves Record Pro Forma Monthly Unit Volumes in January 2015

  • Has anyone compiled a list of companies that do not pay? If so can I have a copy of the list?


    • It changes constantly. Read through the latest discussions entitled who pays and who doesn't. There are 2 of them.   There's also slow but eventual payers. 

  • Hey I actually got a check from Valuation Vision this week!  It's about a third of what they owe me but its a start!

    • Received another check last Friday.  Perhaps there is movement?

      • What period of time did the check cover?   My last check covered up to last July or August,  I think.   

  • what is the number for Valuation Vision, the number i am calling saying my account is locked 760 208 6400, just trying to get my money too

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