• Do you have email addresses for these people???

        • There you go...

          Ginny Hollingsworth <>,

          • Well, the email for Ginny got kicked back as undeliverable.  Her inbox must be full...:P

  • I stopped completing assignments for Valuation Vision. I've heard all types of excuses from their employees, depending on what day and who you talk to. They take months to pay. I was thankful to receive payment for my completed assignments after months of complaining. Finally, I received payment and haven't accepted another assignment since. I've been in the business for a long time and know what it's like to get burned. Keep contacting them; squeaky wheels gets the grease. They're probably ready to close, since no one in their right mind will accept assignments from them. I request payment in advance on all their assignments and they never get back to me. Herman
  • I completed my last BPO for them yesterday and I told them to stop sending me orders unitl I'm paid in FULL!  Also told Erik I would contact lien holders directly to complete BPO's for them and cut Valuation Vision out of the process completely. 

    Have people been reporting them to BBB or left a review on Yelp?

  • I finally heard back from Erik and he sent me this link about the merger:

    • Old news.  I published that link and 2 others 10 days ago right here in this discussion.

  • These people are snakes. You are a fool if you do business with them.

  • To all who are still owed money from Valuation Vision, I suggest you contact their clients and let them know you are not getting paid.  I am sure VV is getting paid.  Then tell V you have done so, that is how I got paid in FULL

  • I have done several for them and have not been paid!

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