• I have done quite a bit of work for them.  Just completed an order a few weeks ago.  Never had any issues them.

  • Very easy company to work with.  Pay is on time but it does take a few weeks initially.  I was getting $45 for within my area and $65 if I had to travel further.  Their request is far easier than a typical BPO report.  If you get in good with the rep that sent you the request order, they'll probably keep sending you more.  Mine pretty much stopped because my rep was promoted to another department.  Good luck!

  • I just did one yesterday.  I didn't realize they only paid $25 for an inspection until I accepted the order.  The form is simple and I was going in that direction.  I did some a few years ago and I don't remember any problems. 

  • I have done several retro MLS info pulls for them. They usually pay quickly and are willing to negotiate fees. I dont think Ive ever had to get in the car.
    • Thanks, they wanted photos and condition
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