Just wanted to start another discussion about BPO Companies to STAY away from.  UTLS Default has not paid me for almost 10 months.

I keep getting the runaround.  No one ever answers the phone or a voice mail. No one replies to emails or in the rare occassion I get a response it is the same one. Their system was interrupted and checks going on Friday.  Thanks for your patience. 


What do you as Broker's think we should do? Threaten to notifiy all of their clients of their lack of paying? Better Business Bureau?


Would love your input.


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  • Hey,

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  • I stopped working with them about 6 months ago as they still owed me hundreds of dollars from past bpos. I believe they have done the same think they did before which is to go out of business and open another business in another name. Its a shame because they always paid well for a long time. I keep on top of payments much more now and if I dont receive payment when its due I don't do anymore work for that company until I am paid (sometimes I stop working with them altogether at that pont) thanks and good luck!

  • Wow! I was upset over the 245 they owe me but after reading some of your post I am lucky I didnt accept more assignments. Which companies are you guys seeing are the best right about now? It seems like every few months the consistency of the assignments change from one company to the next. Clear Captial and IAS are my main companies as of now....

  • I received an email from UTLS asking me to complete a bpo in my area.  I told them not until I am paid on services rendered from 2011.  I received an email back from them stating the email below is where all requests for payments should be sent.  Any had any success with this email?



    • No luck with email. They don't respond

  • I had a BPO complany that owed me about $9,000 several years ago.  I had my attorney write a letter explaining that obviously the work was satisfactory and he would be contacting the clients that ordered the evaluations from them as witnesses for performance review in court.  My money came in a matter of days.

    Good Luck!!

    • Genius............Who at that company was the letter directed to?

  • Thank you both!  I am in Arizona and we have had a slow down but for me not to get even an offer is kinda weird since I work for PCV, Protek and Emortgage all the time. 

    Have a great night and thanks for your feedback! 


    • Call Secured Lending Services and asked to be emailed an application, you need to then follow up to get orders. The orders are directly assigned to you, no fighting. They pay full fee of 50 exterior and 75 interior (in FL). The forms are super easy. Payment always in less than 20 days.


      Secured Lending Services is the best Valuations Company!!

      • can we stick to what the thread was started for and that was UTLS.  THanks

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