I've gotten a couple of bpo orders from them today to work for $0 and then you are supposed to be put into an "approved agent database for selection" and then be eligible for REO assignments.  Any feedback would be very welcome.

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  • I have done over 60 BPO's for them, and it seems like only the handful of the usual go to REO Brokers are getting the listings, without doing any BPO's... I am in New York City, so maybe a volume issue. However, since 2006...Nothing... 

    I have called to speak with Garrett Mays, even had a time set up for a call, it was cancelled. He does not respond with inquiries about Listings. They never put up the inventory and there is virtually NO WAY of knowing if they had an asset they they assigned. 

    I noticed more orders coming through them over the last quarter as well, do them at your own risk.

  • Trust me. You dont want em. They use to be a good company to work for but in the last year or so they no longer are. They will have you run yourself to death and then they will reassign sometimes before you ever even get a price on it. They are having a harder time finding agents anymore who will work with them. *Oh and when they do reassign its NOT with agents that do free bpos. You will run out more gas than you make back. They are super good and super friendly when they call you to do their free bpos. Thats as far as the friendly goes. I would NEVER refuse listings. NEVER. However, I do refuse theirs. 

  • I just had about 9 requests from them today.  I usually ignore them but decided to do 2 - one near me and 1 near a new listing I'll be getting.  It shouldn't take too much time since they use the Resnet platform.  I don't expect much out of them except that these CMAs are generally for Fifth Third and I have listed theirs in the past.  They sometimes will pick an agent they are familiar with without regard to the number of USRES BPOs you've done. 

    • Correction.  The orders are exterior BPOs.  Better yet.  And not Fifth Third but for one of my existing clients that uses RESNET for listings.  Interesting.

  • They have been doing this for a long time, bait you into working for free to get listings, I did about 3 and decided not to pursue it any longer... never got a listing,

    • I always get listings from USRES. For every 10-15 free bpo's I do I get 1 or 2 listings. When I do get 2 the 2nd will come about a week after the 1st one.

      • Hi Tessa:

        Do you have to float your funds with REO listings from USRES?

        I worked with them years ago --  did free BPOs but no listings.  I will contact them, again!!

  • Jump on them!

    USRES has 2 options for you. You can be paid to do BPOs or you can do free BPOs in exchange for inclusion on their agent roster.

    I've been trying to snag BPOs to get on their roster, but they seem to be claimed rather quickly.

    Regardless, a good friend of mine has done 10 - 15 free BPOs for them over the past 5 years and has gotten more than 20 listings during that time. Of course, it depends on the inventory in your market, but they seem to handle assets for 5th Third bank and others.

    It doesn't hurt that they are the owner's of, either.

    • Hi Seth:

      Where are you located?

    • On the flip side, I know of a few agents that did 50+ free BPOs and didn't get 1 listing.

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