Unity Asset Management

I have done one BPO for this company. While doing the BPO since they were new and had no web site it was a form downloaded and filled out there was plenty of conversation via e-email and phone . They explained in their agreement form 30-75 days which I thought the 75 was high but what's another order in the pipeline. Today is 75 days so on Monday I started calling and e-mailing and no response. Has anyone had any problems with this company. Any info. would be appreciated.  I did do a search and found  they are another one of those fly by night BPO companies Unity Asset Management Inc (Reported Closed) as of today the e-mail and phone numbers work 1-303-463-5281 or 103-403-4921.

1300 W Midway Blvd Ste 200
Broomfield, CO 80020

(303) 463-5281

 Thanks Alex

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  • It sounds like another Real Estate Broker associated with the same EXACT address in the SAME building - got YOU to do their work...Let me preface so it does NOT sound libelous...I could be WRONG...but it looks too coincidental....Colorado has a lot of rights for corporations...privacy of shareholders being one of them..that's why BPO companies seem to sprout up in Colorado...

    • Shareholders have limited liability for the corporation's debts or judgments against the corporations.
    • Generally, shareholders can only be held accountable for their investment in stock of the company. (Note however, that officers can be held personally liable for their actions, such as the failure to withhold and pay employment taxes.)
    Joey Singh
    ATX BPO Inc. 
    Business Development 

    1 212 801 2390 Office Ext 888
    212 801 2390 Direct Operations Floor Line
    1 800 931-6122 Fax
    1 917 859 4400 Cell

    • after numerous phone calls and e-mails and some personnel issues on their end they did pay took a while but they did what they told me

  • Did you check BBB? 21 complaints filed...


  • I suggest reading through the BBB complaints, then decide if you want to continue working with this company.

    Also see previous discussion here from 2010-2014.
  • as far as I know they have been around for years: I did my very one BPO for them back in 2002 and another in 2011. 

  • I never do BPO's for a company located in Colarado, they all seem to be bad, slow pay or no pay. fly by night companies with no financial backing

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