TruCap - Truman Capital

I noticed an old discussion questioning TruCap as a real Asset Management Company or not. So I thought I should chime in.

I have listed, sold and closed a couple of properties with them and have several more pre-listings. They have been great to work with and they own the properties they assign. I have nothing bad to say about them. I appreciate their business.

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  • I've seen Truman Capital on Pyramid, are they on both & pyramid. Only seen business from Pyramid Platform
  • Do you have an asset manager email address that I can follow up with and get signed up to work with them?  Please advise, thanks.  

  • They manage their properties on I assume a good profile is how they choose brokers assign listings.

  • Where do you sign up with this company?

    • Did you look up the company?
      • yes and is one page website.

        Truman Capital Advisors, L.P.
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