time for an update here!!! - big time

One of the great things about REOpro is our page of REO companies. This helps all of us keep on top of things & very much is a help to new agents in the REO world. While that segment is diminishing somewhat, it is far from gone & a good database of companies will have great value for many years. That is one reason I was very surprised to see that ABSReo is still on our list. Pretty much anyone who has ever spent any time in REO forums and platforms or who networks at all knows that this is a scam. To the point that I was reading the other day of one agent who had just gotten a check out of the blue from a states' attorney general.

This makes me wonder how many others are now consolidated, out of business, or otherwise not fit to be on our list. I think it would be a great idea if all members could review this list and add some input regarding those that need to be culled from the herd. Let me know if there is any interest out there in making this a membership project and maybe we can help each other and any future members avoid  dealing with deadbeats or wasting time trying to find companies that no longer exist.  

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