• Can you believe it? BPOFulfillment just sent me a request for $10. This is ridiculous. Really? They think we'll do it for that cheap?

  • I just cancelled my Realty Pilot account after they refused to pay my corporation but instead are paying my broker. Customer Service was no help at all.
  • Realty Pilot makes the real difference.
    • Vanessa,

      You'd LOVE the new tool Wells Fargo is developing for appraisers! Talk about importing data... it's phenomenal! I almost want to brag that I'll be able to do a complete 1004 appraisal within 1.5 hours... but Colleen might call me out on that. ;-)

    • I use Realty Pilot and we tried to get set up with the MLS autopopulate system but our board will not cooperate. For whatever reasons they will not allow it.  Manual input is slower...... regardless, pretty spectacular that you can do that...... I couldn't.

  • I guess since I've been doing them for theae institutional investors for so long, I've created a systematic approach that works very well. Comp selection doesn't take too long because the subject is normally within an area where comps are plentiful. Most of the homes that the investor purchases are newer construction, too...That makes it much easier. I still have to do my price adjustments as I normally would, but all of the property characteriatics are loaded with one click. I don't do BPO's for anyone else except for this client and my REO listings. 200 orders for this week is an exception...not quite sure why we're slammed this week, but it's definitely a working weekend for me!
    • I have a good system, but there is no way I can do that many, not even close. Whatever your system is works very well...... my forms don't have that capability. maybe on a few things but not all of them.

  • Wow...I must've struck a nerve! Lol! Colleen, there are MANY agents who accept reduced commissions for one reason or another. It IS collusion when competitors gather to discuss price fixing and admonishing those who will accept lower in an effort to get them to accept a higher rate. That's one of the FIRST things that they teach in Georgia pre-licensing classes. As for a 20 minute BPO, I agree with Seth. I will not accept orders that are not uploaded into my Realty Pilot system so that I can pull comps, enter the MLS number, and then "tweak" the information for accuracy. I can tab through my adjustments with my calculator right by my side. I guess since I've done so many of these and I am VERY familiar with my market, I can push one out in less than 15-20 minutes. I will not accept a BPO from a company that has a form that will take me 40 minutes to complete. This week alone, I've completed just shy of 100 BPO's with 85 more due by the end of the weekend. I have also listed two properties and closed another placed a Buyer under contract. I can do a BPO in under 40 minutes and turn in a quality product....I guess this is the reason why my client assigns more and more to me and I'm one of their top agents in the State. My point is simple, how someone wishes to run their business is just that.....THEIR BUSINESS. Wish I could stay and discuss this more, but as I stated...I have 85 more BPO's to complete by the end of the weekend. Toodles and Happy Selling!

    • I don't do BPOs on forms that I can upload the MLS like that and Realty Pilot does not have access to our MLS., so that option is out.  40 minutes yes for a report, but 20?  I guess if you can auto populate on a site maybe. Also to pull comps takes several minutes or more, regardless of how fast you are.  No one is talking about price fixing. No one is telling Sean that he has to up his fee, however, these low fees have become standard in the industry and it is frustrating many agents.  My point is that people are posting on this site and if it is none of our business, then why have this forum at all? if no one can speak their mind, why bother?  It is not collusion to state an opinion on a public site that someone feels that $30 is too low, just like low commissions. Anyway 200 bpos in a week is certainly exceptional. I don't know how you do it.

  • For the life of me, I cannot understand why it's so difficult for some agents to understand the notion that you cannot dictate how someone else runs their business. I mean, really, isn't this what we argue with the Government about...sticking their noses into our businesses with increased regulations? It's kind of a hypocritical approach, if someone wants to charge $5.50 to complete a BPO, then that's entirely their business. It has nothing to do with me or how I run mine. In fact, do you realize that it's illegal for McDonald's and Burger King to get together and decide what they're gonna charge for a cheeseburger??? Some people need to get over themselves and just stay in their own lane when it comes to their businesses. Especially when they'll quickly take a reduced commission for an REO listing.

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