• I have used both, Taza and ebrokerhouse. Taza by far is a more robust system. I stopped using it in the past because of cost but they now have a newer plan. So I will be using it soon.
    • Alex, what name did you use to sign up for eBrokerHouse? I don't see you in our system anywhere as ever having an account or even a free trial.

      Also, regarding Taza's "new plan". Their new cheap plan is not for their transaction management platform. It is only for their offer submission system, which is just a very small piece of their platform. So when comparing apples to apples, they are still quite more expensive than eBrokerHouse.

      • Alan, this forum is for us agents to discuss the products that we have used. I’m just being honest here, some people like your product and that’s there opinion. I simple don’t and the fact that you get on this forum to discuss has a lot to say. Let agents express what they feel about your product without mediators, I wish Jesse would just get rid of some of you guys always jumping to push your product down peoples throat. As for the price that you are giving for TAZA is incorrect, you get everything for that price which is still more than ebrokerhouse. But then again you get what you pay for. SO STAY OFF THE SUBJECT PLEASE

        • Why so defensive? I wasn't rude to you at all. I was corresponding cordially with Jason and he seemed to appreciate the fact that I responded to him.

          All I asked you was what name you used to sign up for your eBrokerHouse account. You are not in our system as ever even using eBrokerHouse. I would still like to know when is it that you used eBrokerHouse and under what name? If you really did use our software and prefer Taza that is fine. I have no issue with that at all. But other people following this discussion deserve to know if you didn't really use eBrokerHouse.  

          Also, I didn't give any price for taza so im not sure what you are talking about. All that I said is that they have a separate low priced option for their offer submission platform. Many agents are confused by some of their marketing and think that they are offering their full transaction management platform for $99/yr. Which isn't the case.

          Lastly, regarding staying off the the subject, I would like to point out that there is a fake account on REO Pro under the name Rick Hammon that only posts on discussions that discuss taza and other software providers. All his posts are promoting Taza.

          He is not even a real agent as far as any google search shows. So I suggest that maybe contacting Taza and demanding that they stop promoting with fake accounts would make more sense than attacking me for contributing and answering questions. 

          Rick Hammon's Page
          Rick Hammon's Page on REOPro - Real Estate Default Professionals
          • I used Taza for several months and it was NOT easy to use. I was very dissapointed with the training and high cost. I switched to Ebrokerhouse. Ebrokerhouse was so easy to use, we were up and running with their paperless offer submission immediately. Their help desk is great, response time to questions is 2nd to none. Its not just the product itself that keeps me a loyal customer, it is company itself and they way they treat their customers. Taza is good at hype, Ebrokerhouse will let you run your business.

  • Hello; Has anyone used 'Broker Brain' ? If yes, please share your experience-pros & cons. Thanks!

  • This thread is relevant to my interests and look forward to hearing more feedback.

  • I tried both and ultimately ended up going with eBH. TAZA is very cool, and but it's almost too cool for its own good. Unless your entire staff is very tech savvy so they know how to use it and are also willing to teach those agents who aren't tech savvy how to submit offers with it, but I would roll with eBH. It is a much simpler system that still has everything you should need to get the job done.

    My dad recently spent 4 hours trying to submit an offer on a deal via Taza. Let's be clear that it also takes him 4 hours to send an email but you get the point ;-). | All in One Place - MultiCRM Landing Page
  • Jason,

    We have a lot of members on this site so hopefully some will jump in and give you some feedback. I just wanted to urge to sign up for a 30 day free trial (no cc info needed) and check out the system. We would love to walk you through a personal demo via Go To Meeting and show you how we can benefit your business.

    Please let me know if I can help in anyway. 


    Alan Fenn


    eBrokerHouse, Inc.

    • Thanks Alan for replying. I have been doing research on both companies.  I apppreciate your reaching out to me, and because of that alone, I will contact your company, have someone show me the features and benefits and why I should choose eBrokerHouse, and if it does what I need, i will stop my search and join. thank again.  Jason

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