Has anyone else experience this issue? For this reason I have not been doing BPOs for them...they are through DispoSolutions.com.

On Dec 22,11 I recevied an email stating payment was in the mail, but I only got ONE check, which was 8 months past due, but nothing for BPOs 6 months old. To this day I have not seen another payment. If I get BPO requests from them I now make it a point to DECLINE them.

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  • I'm all paid up. I received a check on 12/30/11 for the BPO's I completed on nov 1,5, & 11 2011.

  • I know they were having accounting issues a while back.  It took a while but I got payed.  I did one for them recently and was paid within 30 days so it seems they might have their issues resolved...They pay well so I took the chance.

  • They are a about 120 day payer for me.  I get paid but just takes a bit of time.  

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