• I refuse to pay for BPO orders, I work for several companies and have never had to pay to join their group for orders.  Another rip off and way for them to line their pockets.


  • In my area we receive hundreds of BPO requests for Sam and Old Republic.  I am in the Central Florida area.  Since I am so tired of doing BPO's and burned out I do not accept them any longer.  I can see that they are having trouble with agents not wanting to do them also.  They also want the comps and prices to come out where they want them and I have problems with that expecially when the comps are just not there.

    Judy Valicenti

  • Hello SAM group, I'm done with SAM orders and companies like SAM. Market has been shifted and if you're still doing bpos today you are loosing a lot. The only bpos/cmas I will do is for my listings and for A+ corp clients that will bring me more listings.  


  • Don't do BPOs for firms that chrage you fees.  Plus, remember, you are in business to make money so do do them at a loss.

  • I too had what seems like every BPO that I did for them come back for some reason or another. Bad instructions or no instructions or exceeding 3 months back on a comp even if it was the only comp available. They did not seem to realize that I can't make up comps. I completed many BPO's for them and have worked with over 100 asset management companies, banks and outsourcers for the past 8 years. I didn't just get my license or want to pick up extra change by doing BPO's. I have never received a listing from them. I finally asked them to remove my name from their list because I have other companies that are much better for my business model.

    I made a decision last year to set my fee for BPO's and work for companies that pay quickly and I have never looked back and can say that it has not affected my numbers at all.

    • Terry, I would love to know what companies you work with now. Every company I used to work with dropped their fee in my area to $30 per drive by. It is absolutely ridiculous and I refuse to do work for them, but there does not seem to be an alternative that I know of. You can contact me off list at Thank you

  • They are kicking back for every letter, and keep on loosing pictures, they also cancel orders at any stage of the process and do not pay trip fee. Lately their system has a glitch and BPOs appear under your dashboard just to disappear when you take pictures, the explanation is someone else accepted it and system has a glitch. I also cannot understand their payment process. BPO submitted today, it is in QC for 20 days, after 30 days they lost picture, when should I expect to get paid?

  • I just received the same message, do you suggest I pay the 75?? I filled out the forms. I am willing to do BPO's if they will eventually consider me for REO assisgnments. If you have any suggestions. Please email me at

    • See the one above mine, NO REO ASSIGNMENTS. And $75.00 sign up fee.


  • Are they doing any orders in San Diego, Ca.? And are they fee based? My BPO orders have gone dry..........Love doing them.

    Looking for more!

    Thanks, Bettie

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